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What The Difference Between Bundles and Subscriptions
What The Difference Between Bundles and Subscriptions
Written by Patrice Leymarie
Updated over a week ago

Certainly! Here's a breakdown of the differences between the Bundles and Subscription options for IAMAG Master Classes:


1. Instant Access: Once you purchase a bundle, you get immediate access to a curated selection of content.

2. No Access to New Content: Bundles only grant you access to the content available at the time of purchase. Any new content added afterward is not accessible through this option.

3. One-time Payment: You only pay once for a bundle. There are no recurring charges.

4. Limited Library: The bundle doesn't offer access to the complete library of IAMAG Master Classes.

5. Content Rotation: The content in the bundles changes every month, meaning that every month there's a different set of content available for purchase.

6. Excludes Live Content: With bundles, you won't get access to live sessions or any other live content.


1. Full Library Access: Subscribers get access to the entire IAMAG Master Classes library.

2. Access to New Content: Any new content that gets added during your subscription period is available to you at no extra cost.

3. Yearly Subscription: The subscription is based on an annual basis, which means you'll have access to the content and features for one full year from the date of subscription.

4. Monthly Live Sessions: Subscribers get to attend monthly live sessions, enhancing the learning experience.

5. Event Streaming & Replay: As a subscriber, you also get to stream and replay IAMAG events during your subscription period.

In summary, while Bundles offer a one-time purchase of select content, the Subscription provides comprehensive access to the full library, new content, live sessions, and event streams for an entire year.

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